In the middle of Holland you find an unique Disco Dance concept for 30+

Together with people in their forties and fifties you can dance on the great hits from the ’70 ‘80 ’90 & ‘00
DJ’s and performers alternate and bring the room in the right atmosphere.
It brings you back to the OLD days when you danced with your friends, in an ambiance which is open, friendly and relaxed.
Another Big plus; it starts and ends early so you can have a fresh and fruity start the next day.

When: January or February 2022.
Where: Amersfoort near Amsterdam and Utrecht (about 30 min.)
Location: Zandfoort aan de Eem
Price: about € 10,- (online reservation) € 15,- at the door
Start: 20.00 hour
End: 23.45 hour
Capacity: 250 persons